Realtor Partners

What we expect from our Realtor Partners?

As a lender, a successful partnership with a real estate agent has the potential to truly transform your business and elevate you to the next level. You will be able to generate and convert more leads, close more loans, and build a network of happy customers who refer you new business!

What We Deliver?

We offer direct communication portal for our Borrowers, Realtors, Loan originations and Underwriting department.
Everyone gets the information at the same time. You’re always in the loop.

We value “speed to lead” and we are committed to delivering the same level of efficiency to your clients. Our “speed to lead” product sets the stage for an excellent leading experience with your borrower weather it’s a client you send us, or a new client contacting us to get pre-approved before we send them to you. Without a doubt, speed to lead is the most important factor in the Borrowers’ relationship.

Within our automated communications portal for clients can provide sensitive personal information over a secure site. We offer milestone alerts via texts, email and mobile applications.

We offer a smooth process with 6 different automated email notifications to keep Borrower/Agent informed and accountable, and 14 unique loan milestones to maintain transparency throughout the loan origination process.

We offer “BIG” resolution, to all the issues you might have had with other lenders

Why Join?

BIG Mortgage Company serves our clients with the biggest degree of EXCELLENCE and we hold our Partner Agents to the same strict requirements of EXCELLENCE. Our Partner Agents will share the same values of honesty, integrity, and customer advocacy. Our mutual clients entrust us with the biggest investment of their lives. Thy deserve the very best!

Our Expectations

  • You must be a licensed real estate agent in good standing with the Georgia Real Estate Commission
  • You must be willing to adhere to the BIG Mortgage Company integrity standards
  • You must have demonstrated the ability to close different types of loan products or willing to learn about different types of loan products to better server our clients
  • You must be willing to follow our guidelines to accept BIG Mortgage Company internal pre- approved customers